We are a deep tech start-up whose core business is designing UX-centric data-driven territory-focused solutions.


In the span of just one year: funded and incubated by ESA (European Space Agency) and Lazio Innova (@ Tecnopolo Rome), currently in R&D process. We are working on a pilot case directly with grape-growers “on the field”. We made it to the Top10 both at Prototron @ Latitude59 in Tallinn, and Climate Launchpad green-tech startup challenges. We took part in NSE (New Space Economy) Expo and Maker Faire Europe as exhibitors. We got endorsed by ITA (Italian Trade Agency) to represent Italy among a panel of 10 start-ups at Le Bourget Air Show 2023 in Paris. Now selected by ITA to represent Italy, again, at Pollutec 2023 (the only startup from Latium). We have partnerships with other fellow start-ups we are collaborating with.

Our manifesto.

What we want to do.

Our objective is to make accessible, even to segments of stakeholders hitherto excluded, high value-added knowledgeware. That they can directly apply to their territory-based activities to make better decisions and take next-level actions. Providing, even to traditional businesses/sectors, adaptive solutions that embody advanced, but yet usable, technologies. Case-specific solutions, since they get co-configured by the users themselves. So, covering a wider range of identified/unidentified problems/needs of such users.

How we are going to do it.

Instead of, first defining a preset industrial product-line and then trying to top-down push it to generic customers, our solution is intentionally designed around the farmer’s UX. Thanks to our peculiar methodology, we are in the position to build up an answer from their needs, cultivars and land features (which they are supposed to know better than any salesman), not from our shopfloor / their bank account. In this way, we won’t be offering just products/services, but solutions.

Sparking from real-life situations, we gather raw data acquired from multiple sources. Once properly processed, such data are turned into new knowledge that drives a case-sensitive decision support system. Proposing “the whole thing” as coming from one single provider supervising and ensuring support over it.

Why we are determined to do it.

What we consider really challenging is to return answers that enable a better understanding of reality. Of your own land, in this case. Because augmented intelligence and proactive awareness mean optimized resource management, increased productivity, responsiveness, higher quality of both outputs and processes (therefore, enhanced quality of work and… of life). We aspire to increase the effectiveness of human activities on the territory while reducing their impact and environmental footprint through a green-by-design approach, that is focused on a weighed development of each area, encouraging food-miles and that is, actually, sustainable. In our team, we all value environmental awareness, we’d like to be part of the change we have a vision of, and stand for with our daily choices.

The Terranauts.

Franco M. Battagello, MA, MS, PhD
Project leader, business design and development, strategy, innovation dynamics R&D, metrics & analytics, general project manager
Michela Mascia, BS
Agritech specialist, agronomic engineer, input/output of the analysis process, providing content to the system interpreting processed data, energy engineer
Ivano Basile, MS, PhD
Theoretical physicist and software developer, mathematical and physical models, numerical simulations and data sientist
Marco Granati, MA
Sales, communication, CRM, digital and social media marketing, networking
Fulvio Petti, BS
UAS, avionics, aerodynamics, 3D modeling and computational fluid dynamics, EO systems, aerospace systems
Federica Saponaro, MS
Industrial feasibility, 3D modeling, HW products deployment and documentation, environmental analysis