Our intangibleware:

Focused on the UX and driven by sustainability and scalability over time and space, our proprietary mix integrates hardware, software and processes in an innovative proprietary production solution and business model architecture that sees end-users directly involved in the co-design of the service directed to them.

Our hardware:

Proprietary drone models, manufactured in “lean” mode

Scheduled launch/docking station

Networked field sensors

Our software:

Drone autonomous flight software: just set the route/target and the drone takes off, autopilots and lands (GNSS and inertial systems, plus algorithms for mission optimization; when available: 5G adaptive flight system)

Modular analysis software that processes and combines both image data (multispectral from satellite and drones), as well as numerical data; in addition to GNSS inputs

Layer to interpret the measured phenomenon or to predict scenarios through a proprietary A.I. + MCDA formula (moreover, thanks to Machine Learning the process is recursive and increases accuracy over time)

The analysis feeds a DSS (Decision Support System) which returns not only analytics and alerts, but also expert guidelines to support informed decisions by the user