The problem
The problem

Imagine that you are a farmer.

And every year you see your crop decreasing in productivity (-quality, -yield), profitability (+costs, -revenues), while the business complexity scales up. And not because of your lack of effort, or passion.


Now you can stop imagining.

Because, unfortunately, this is exactly what’s already happening because of the climate change.

Agritech: offers VS solutions
Agritech: offers VS solutions

Agritech solutions are now proving to be extremely efficient/effective, allowing proactive and at the same time virtuous actions in terms of sustainability.

But their adoption by farmers encounters three relevant barriers:

1) their cost

2) they require technical know-how

3) designed for the largest possible market coverage: they just can’t fit “your own” unique case

Our approach
Our approach

What is truly challenging, is to find answers that enable a better understanding of reality. Of your own land.

That’s the key, not the technicalities. An augmented intelligence leading to a proactive awareness.

Once you nail that, you get responsiveness and optimized resource management.

A solution under your own control
A solution under your own control

A UX-driven Agritech modular solution designed to reduce some concerns of small-medium farmers: productivity, profitability, complexity. Especially if linked to climate change. The current focus is on viticulture, but scalability-ready to other cultivars.


Our mix integrates satellite data, proprietary drones and ground sensors with A.I.

Become a tester
Become a tester

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This project is enrolled in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Lazio and funded by the European Space Agency and Lazio Innova

TERRAVIONICS means data-driven Agritech solutions, designed to reduce some concerns of small-medium farmers: productivity, profitability, complexity. Especially if linked to the effects of climate change. By:

Our focus is on viticulture. Even though, our system is designed to be scalable-ready to other cultivars. And even to other territory-focused applications, integrating different solutions into a comprehensive ecosystem.

Our ideal clients are:
– small-to-mid grape-growers (and their associations)
– struggling with climate change
– no tech background required
– whose produce has features linked to quality and/or to the territory (quality over quantity)
– whose production impacts, at different levels, the environment
– willing to increase productivity, while cutting costs (yeah, you heard it right)

Why we are special:Our climate impact (up to):
INNOVATIVE BOTTOM-UP APPROACHSaving 1 CO2 eq ton/year per user

estimated values deriving from our internal research, currently under on-the-field (literally!) testing


Integrating satellite data, proprietary sensors and drones with A.I., combining them in an innovative way that sees end-users directly involved in the co-design of the service (a form of Open Innovation). Such input feed a digital model of the vineyard (Digital Twin) to be used not only for real-time alert purposes, but also for retrospective analysis and scenario planning.

Returning predictive knowledge(ware), directly applicable by farmers themselves to territory activities, to make better decisions. Within a ridiculously user-friendly interface that guides the farmer all along the process.

Resulting in enhanced plant health, thanks to our monitor&forecast methodolgy that allows proactive, therefore quite effective, actions.

Improving vineyard-value via performance (up to +70%), increasing produce (up to +15%) while dropping costs, waste and worktime (up to -33%).


Alongside this process users are also supported in minimizing the environmental footprint through the implementation of less polluted and more sustainable actions, by reducing the use of chemicals through our predictive analysis and resource optimization. Our mission is to take care of the analytics complexity. So that farmers (especially small-medium sized businesses) can focus on what they do best: creating their “unique” product, but at their best.



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